Spend 10 minutes with Brady, our President

Brady has 12 years sales and marketing experience with Nike and Polaris. When you talk, Brady will focus on:
  • The challenges you're currently facing
  • Your goals for proactive staffing
  • A brief outline of what IST does well
  • The methods other clients have used to solved similar challenges

Rest easy knowing your biggest expense is being proactively managed.


Who is Brady?

Here are some neat details about our President (in his own words).


12 Years Sales & Marketing prior to IST (Nike & Polaris)

B.A & MBA from UW-Whitewater 10 years apart


Co-Owner Green Bay Packers

HS Football Player, College Football Practicer



Gym rat

Frequent disgrace to the golf course


Lived in 5 states as an adult (WI, CO, TX, MN, IL)

2 kids (5 & 2) + 1 Wife (35)

Lives in St. Charles


Talk with Brady

Discuss your challenges and start planning to meet your goals.