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Frank possesses 12 years in staffing with previous experience in travel and telecom. When you talk, Frank will focus on:
  • The challenges you're currently facing
  • Your goals for proactive staffing
  • A brief outline of what IST does well
  • The methods other clients have used to solved similar challenges

Rest easy knowing your biggest expense is being proactively managed.


Who is Frank?

Here are some neat details about our Account Manager (in his own words).

Previously in Travel...
Joined the travel industry on 9/11 of all days. Signed online deals for Amadeus, including Priceline, Orbitz, and Expedia.
...and in Telecom

Signed First Gen content providers and app developers for Motorola that led to the smartphone you have in your hands today.

You’re welcome.

Professional touring musician for over a decade

Played over 300 gigs a year on average across the US. Write, sing, strum and hum, now mostly for fun.

Did a commercial for a Canadian department store

The problem is, I ended up wearing my own clothes because they were cooler than the wardrobe they had picked out for me

Married, with children (cue Frank Sinatra song)
Pittsburgh native, but lived all over the damn place
Met more celebrities than most (please see Frank for examples)

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