Spend 10 minutes with Greg, IST's Key Account Manager/ Recruiter.


Greg boasts over 20 years in various sales and operations roles. When you talk, Greg will focus on:
  • The challenges you're currently facing
  • Your goals for proactive staffing
  • A brief outline of what IST does well
  • The methods other clients have used to solved similar challenges

Rest easy knowing your biggest expense is being proactively managed.


Who is Greg?

Here are some neat details about our Key Account Manager and Recruiter (in his own words).

Former VP of Marketing for a national roofing & HVAC company

Father to a 14-year-old daughter/phone addict, and husband of 9 years to an Italian bartender.

Born and raised in Elgin, IL. Currently living in South Elgin, IL

Sophisticated Pursuits

Self-proclaimed nerd, eccentric, philosopher, and pusher of social norms.

Whiskey’s favorite drinker


Formal education in computer information systems and computer network administration

Entertaining Hobbies

Avid video gamer, writer, and pursuer of lucrative side hustles. Jack of all trades, master of none.

(Including office Disc Jockey)

Talk with Greg

Discuss your challenges and start planning to meet your goals.