Spend 10 minutes with Nico, our Director of Staffing.

Nico Luttrell, IST's Director of Staffing

Nico comes with 7 years in staffing. When you talk, Nico will focus on:
  • The challenges you're currently facing
  • Your goals for proactive staffing
  • A brief outline of what IST does well
  • The methods other clients have used to solved similar challenges

Rest easy knowing your biggest expense is being proactively managed.


Who is Nico?

Here are some neat details about our Director of Staffing (in his own words).

BA degree in Poli. Sci. from SIU
Pet Facts

Have a Pit and two cats

Dress like my dog

World Travels

Have lived in three countries, been to eight

Bilingual (Italian/English)

Lover of all things Italian, kind of like the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Best Job

Best job I've ever had was a VIP escort in GTMO

Talk with Nico

Discuss your challenges and start planning to meet your goals.