Spend 10 minutes with Rob, IST's Director of Operations.

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Rob has 13 years of experience in staffing, across 5 companies and multiple verticals. When you talk, Rob will focus on:
  • The challenges you're currently facing
  • Your goals for proactive staffing
  • A brief outline of what IST does well
  • The methods other clients have used to solved similar challenges

Rest easy knowing your biggest expense is being proactively managed.


Who is Rob?

Here are some neat details about our Director of Operations (in his own words).


13 years in staffing with extensive staffing experience across 5 companies & multiple verticals

4 years with IST


1 year breaking grapes and stirring yeast

Cans/jars random foods

Lover of grilled arrachera
The Man


Born in the smallest town in Illinois

Known for unique hair (did you see the photos?)


Cardinals fan boy

Eclectic taste in music
Talk with Rob

Discuss your challenges and start making plans to meet your goals.