A New Path for a Deeper Bench

How do you ensure you’ve got the right team?

Proactive, proven, niche recruiting that delivers tradespeople with the right experience for the unique demands of your project.
analyzing manpower plan

Validating the Plan

(For the bench you’ll actually need)

Connecting early to validate the plan you've built means greater confidence that you will have the right manpower levels throughout the project. Identifying risks and ensuring accurate planning for the bench you’ll actually need can help you get past last-minute changes and challenges you can’t control.

recruiting skilled tradespeople


(That’s focused on your niche)

Recruiting proactively with a team that works specifically in your project type and industry delivers a more skilled workforce. Focusing on finding the right people early, and knowing the right questions to ask, ensures the right skills to bring your project in on time and on budget. Get the right people early > ask the right questions > gain the right skills.

building a deeper bench


(with a community of highly skilled tradespeople)

Connecting to a community of skilled tradespeople is the best way to ensure that your bench never hits empty, and that contingent workers already know how to work smoothly in a team environment. Pride of workmanship and commitment to safety runs deep in the right community of tradespeople.


Responding to the shortage of skilled tradespeople requires a collaborative approach built on partnerships that span the entire project and beyond.

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Our relationship with IST is built on a platform of trust, reliability and performance. IST has consistently delivered for us and has been a significant factor in allowing us to attain our business goals. They are always available, always responsive and always accountable. They have been a partner in the true sense of the word.

testimonial - colnel
Vice President of Operations
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Over the last few years I have tested many different companies for temporary staffing, and after using IST they make the process of filling my manpower voids that much easier. From small to large requests their team have always managed to fill them all while keeping additional candidates in their pipeline in case the need for more arises. Using IST has simplified my process for hiring temporary team members and appreciate the extra effort they put into getting the right team members for my needs.

testimonial - michael
Manpower Coordinator
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We have been working with IST for less than a year and are already reaping the benefits of our relationship. We have completed multiple projects with IST and as a result of their ability to consistently deliver quality manpower when and where we need it, often with very little notice, we have positioned ourselves with our clients to significantly grow our business in the upcoming year. I highly recommend IST as a staffing partner.

testimonial - dtaylor
Vice President