How to get the respect
your skills demand.

This is how the traveling trades get better opportunities.

A New Path for Tradesmen

Agencies that work in the skilled trades
need a new definition of success.

Their work should do more than just help the agency, but should provide an opportunity that fits your skills, goals, and lifestyle. Not to mention, they need a no-bullshit process that respects high-demand skilled trades.

The right placement always asks:

Did we champion your skills?
Did we put your needs and lifestyle first?
Did we find you an opportunity that fits?
Will this contractor treat you like part of the team?

What Every Tradesman Deserves

labour-day 1

Job transparency & recruiting honesty

You should be able to make informed choices about pay, benefits, and which job is next. You should always know what to expect when you get there.

labor-day 1

Champion the unique value of travelers

You should be able to find opportunities in which you're treated with respect and your in-demand skills are put to the best use at the best pay.

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A community that defends your skills

The opportunities for our community of tradesmen are growing because we share proven skills and deliver quality work. We work together to support not only the tradesperson but the lifestyle.


It's your craftsmanship that is on display and your skills that make projects succeed.