Why contracted skilled tradesmen
are still treated like temps.

skilled tradesman getting the truth about the job

Hard to get the truth

You show up to the job site with the right skills and find a different job than you were promised.

traveling tradesman

Seen as an outsider

Your experience and commitment are often met with the worst assignments and a cold shoulder.

honor for skilled trades

No honor for your skills

Even with time and money riding on quality work, you're the last one on the job and the first to go.

Ideally, you'd get the opportunities and respect your skills deserve.

Since you are delivering hard-to-source skills and experience that make every job go more smoothly, you expect to be treated with respect.

What you need

You need the support and benefits that come from being part of a community of skilled tradesmen and recruiters that have your back.

You want to get paid what your skills are worth, hear the straight story about upcoming opportunities, and have choices that fit your lifestyle. 

  • You want to put your skills to work in an environment that values your talent.

  • You need to know the real deal and pay (per diem, bill rate, etc.) before you show up on the job.

  • You deserve respect and opportunity from day one.

workers II 1

Three reasons you're forced to fight for respect.

tradesman looking on construction job boards

Big Job Boards

Promise access to unlimited jobs.

But, it's like gambling every time you take a new job.

You can't vet the job or the company in advance, and you show up as a stranger without knowing the real deal. Even though you've got critical skills, you're treated like labor.

Local Jobs +
Direct Hires

Promise consistency: knowing where your next paycheck is coming from.

But, you'll be stuck with whatever the company decides.

There is a lack of flexibility and control over where you're going next and where you can work - you're stuck with their contracts. If the company has a slack period, you may sit idle instead of staying busy.

electrician getting call from employer
skilled tradesman and laborers on job site

Big Agencies

Promise personal placement, opportunity, and support.

But, you're treated like another number to be placed alongside laborers.

The big promises don't always match the job and a bait 'n switch attitude when you show up on site. Instead of fighting for you, wages are driven down and the agency may not even understand how your skills are different from someone with less experience. 

The truth is:
if you want construction done right, call in a traveling tradesman.